Tomato Art Fest

Meg and Bret MacFadyen – with the inspiration for Tomato Art!

The Tomato Art Fest was founded in 2004, when Art & Invention Gallery hosted a late summer art show celebrating the tomato, and planned a few neighborhood events to promote the show. The Tomato Art Show proved so popular that it was immediately turned into an annual, signature event for the hip, urban neighborhood of East Nashville.

The Tomato Art Show is one of the highlights of the festival, and with artwork ranging from the exquisite to the hilarious, there is definitely something for everyone to enjoy!

Our motto is, “The Tomato…A Uniter, Not A Divider- Bringing Together Fruits & Vegetables”.

And unite we do!

Bringing together community, friends & family and pairing it with great art and FUN!

The 2017 art for Tomato Art Fest is ripe and ready!


Best In Show:
Scott Guion, “That’s All Folks”


Best Emerging Fruit or Vegetable:
Elizabeth Foster, “All Together Now”


Heirloom Award:
Marshall Hall (Body of Work)


Festival Spirit Award:
Debbie Flynt, “East Nashville Seed Company”



Most Inventive:
Bret MacFadyen, “Encompassing Community”




Best Use of Humor:
Vickie Williams, “Surfin’ Tomato Head Barbie”


You’re So Nashville Award:
Dennis Harris, “Two Music City Traditions”
(the judges spontaneously added this award)


Steven Smith, “Sista Fabulous”


Marisa Ray, “Eric’s Vegetable Shirt”


Janet Lee, “Super Hero Series”


Bridget Wietlisbach, “Magical Mystery ‘Mater Tour”


Cindy Shute, “The Doctor is In”


2 thoughts on “Tomato Art Fest

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  2. Wow! I love the sneak preview and am astounded by the beautiful collection. I love how Meg arranges it all – like a giant collage. Can’t wait to see the magic happen on the 13th.

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