Nicolas Buisson

My journey to become a jewelry artisan actually began when I went to school to become a chemist. I changed paths when I had the  opportunity to train under a master Coppersmith in New Orleans, with more than 50 years of experience in beautiful custom architectural projects. I  spent about 5 years working with him before moving to Nashville.

During a stint of unemployment I decided to delve deeper into the more exquisite properties of metal and started making jewelry. Everyday I am more amazed at what can be done to metal with the alternating applications of heat and pressure. It is rewarding to see how my chemistry background has manifested itself in this area of my life.

All of my pieces are hand crafted and never reproducible. Each one has its own unique expression and flow that thrills me as it is unlocked.  I hope you enjoy wearing each piece as much as I enjoyed creating it!



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