Vicki Sawyer

My college art classes, graphics, doll making and years of painting murals are like puzzle pieces. Those pieces are delightfully fitting together now as I focus on painting in oils and acrylics. With each painting, I desire to create an atmosphere in which people will want to linger.

While taking a walk about two years ago, it occurred to me, “If birds can build nests, then they can make hats.” That thought has been the inspiration for many bird portraits. When thinking of what hat each bird might make, I take into consideration the bird’s environment or what it might eat. Each bird has a name. Lately I’ve included other animals into the hat making scene and have written a corresponding children’s book.

My goal is to evoke feelings of peace, vibrancy, joy, and humor. If I can positively impact someone with my art, then I have reached my ultimate goal – to serve.




2 thoughts on “Vicki Sawyer

  1. I was fascinated and delighted by the paintings I saw today (Tomato Art day!) in the gallery. They are absolutely superb. Sheer delight, whimsy, technical rigor, a nod to baroque painting… truly wonderful. Thanks for the visual and imaginative nourishment!

    If I weren’t in professional transition at the moment, I’d have bought them all. Eventually, I’ll be in touch…

    Best regards,

  2. I adore Vicki’s work. Recently gave a small hedge hog painting to my granddaughter for her 17th birthday. She is wild about it
    and wants more. I do too!

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