Sarah McTeer-Ogburn

I have been an artist all my life. As a child, I had one major life goal. It was to create. My goal was to create something — anything, everyday. … I became an artist the way other people become doctors, lawyers or writers. I made a vow to myself to create. I am a warrior-of-creating.

My work is deliberately personal and often spiritual. I love presenting it with humor, similes, and imagination, hoping to invite the viewer to imagine his or her own sense of each piece. Working in mixed media gives me a vast license to express myself unreservedly. I feel astonishing wonder at the marvel of seeing an image come forward on paper, struck with pencil, a crayon, or sloshed with water and a brush filled with color.As a child, it was remarkable to me.

I work quickly, with bouts of reflection and study, hopeful the results meld a marriage of joy and thoughtfulness. I am inspired by profound love of life, imagination, and the concept that all of nature is healing to the human soul. My work is never intended to be political or culturally insensitive and never rendered with the intent of claiming one tradition is right and others are wrong.

I am hopeful my works will convey to those who view them an appreciation of culture, identity, and value of life. It is my intention each piece is aesthetically pleasing and loving in form.My pieces act as a physical communion between the subject matter, the materials, creative imaginative process, and me. They serve as reminders of the eternal link between our cultures and identity.

My interest is not in painting exact images, but to create a sense of appreciation for uniqueness, joyfulness, vulnerability, and individuality imbued with practicality and hope. My goal is to create works that display the sincere grace of woman, innocence of child and honor of man.

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