Elizabeth Foster

I was born into a family of painters, musicians, flower arrangers, bird lovers, and creative thinkers.  Whenever I was bored as a child, someone would always say, “Go make something!” The result of such an upbringing is a painter/songwriter who is never bored!

My love for music greatly influences the images I create.  Here in Nashville, I am surrounded by the most incredible Americana, Folk, Bluegrass, Jazz, and Old Time players and performers.  I love the familiarity of pattern within, the feeling of nostalgia, and the underlying current of emotional release. To me, writing music is the exact same creative process as painting, listening is the same as looking, and singing to an audience is the same as that opening gallery night.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Foster

  1. A fantastic exhibition in a great small gallery. If you are in Nashville make it a point to go across the bridge to the East side and enjoy this gallery and especially this artist.

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