Duy Huynh

Duy Huynh (pronounced Yee Wun)

Vietnamese born Duy Huynh’s poetic and contemplative paintings symbolically reflect geographical and cultural displacement.  Drawing inspiration from a variety of storytellers in formats that range from music and movies to ancient folklore and comic book adventures, Duy creates his own narratives of the human condition. His work creates a mood for the viewer to explore and a journey to embark upon.

While much of Duy’s work is deeply personal, his clever and often times humorous use of symbolism and wordplay invites the viewer to create their own storyline.

Original Paintings

Rivers of Resonance 30x30

“Rivers of Resonance”
acrylic on wood, 30×30″

Slow Food For Thought 24x24

“Slow Food For Thought”
acrylic on canvas, 30×30″


“Transformative Chapters”
acrylic on wood, 16×20″


“Record Keepers”
acrylic on wood, 14×18″


“Whatever Floats Your Boat”
acrylic on wood, 18×24″


“Sea of Solace”
acrylic on reclaimed wood cabinet door, 21×12


“Spinning Worry Into Wonder”
acrylic on wood, 24×24″


“Photographic Memory Brainstem”
acrylic on wood, 24×24″

Homestead and a Steed

“Homestead and a Stead”
acrylic on wood, 24×24″


“Cycles of Seven”
acrylic on wood, 30×30″


“Always A Work In Progress “
acrylic on wood, 30×30″


“For The Wind”
acrylic on canvas, 40×40″


“Rewriting The Chapter On Turning Leaves”
acrylic on wood, 36×36″


“Silkmoth Sojourn”
acrylic on wood, 24×36″


“Riverbed Confluence “
acrylic on canvas, 30×40″


“Symbiotic Symphony “
acrylic on wood, 30×30″,

Duy Huynh - Photosynthesis Bliss

“Photosynthesis Bliss”
acrylic on wood, 16×20″

Archival Prints

Imago-Theatre_zoom (2)

Archival Print


Subject to Change
Archival Print


The LiteKeeper
Archival Print


If it Grows together
Archival Print


Drafting Drifting Conciousnest
Archival Print


Archival Print

Big Heart Botany

Big Heart Botany
Archival Print

Blue Moon Expedition

Blue Moon Expedition
Archival Print

Chorus From The Brainforest

Chorus From The Brainforest
Archival Print

Dreamers Meeting Place

Dreamers Meeting Place
Archival Print

4 thoughts on “Duy Huynh

  1. Just following up on my inquiry after the showing last Friday evening of Duy Huynh’s. I was interested in seeing if he has the smaller version of either:

    a)Star catcher
    b)the balancing act – two people balanced on a plank /barrell – not sure of the title. I understand he will not do a smaller version till he sells the original

    I am interested in purchasing both – and left my name & number which I will again leave here. Just checking on the status

    Linda Jameson

  2. VERY CREATIVE PICTURES!! Thank you for being an amazing person Duy Huynh! We are so proud of you!!:))
    With Respect & Love, ThiThi

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