Denise Hawkins

Denise Hawkins is a life-long Nashville resident who recently took advantage of early retirement (after a 30+ year career in the investment management business) to paint full-time.

“I am drawn to quiet places, whether it is a riverbank, an open field or a place setting for an upcoming meal to be shared. Objects with age and history speak to me and I seek to capture their essence and share a moment of time gone by with viewers. I paint in oils with a limited palette. I enjoy the buttery texture of oils, the richness of color and their permanence. Limiting my pallet helps me explore the many ways to create colors and achieve harmony.”



“Clover (Rabbit)”
11.5″ x 9.5″

Make Lemonade

“Make Lemonade”
14″ x 12″

Thats a Lot of Bull

“That’s A Lot Of Bull”
11″ x 12″

Keeper of the Flame

Keeper of the Flame
11″ x 10.5″

Blue and White Study with Grapes

“Blue and White with Grapes”
6″ x 6″

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