Bret MacFadyen

Pennsylvania-born artist Bret MacFadyen has owned and operated his own studio in East Nashville, Tennessee for the last 15 years. The main focus of this studio is the construction of one-of-a-kind artisan furniture, sculpture, and installations that incorporate wood, steel and reclaimed objects.

Between projects, he creates artwork for the Art & Invention Gallery, which he co-owns with his wife, Meg. Bret and Meg are also the founders of The Tomato Art Fest, a festival the couple started to share their enthusiasm for tomatoes and art.

He says he hopes his work makes others smile.

“Many artists want their artwork to grace the walls of a client’s home,” he says. “For me, over the years I’ve made so many dining room tables, desks, beds among other things, that I now recognize I’ve had the privilege of creating objects in the home where families talk and where people think and dream…no less, no more.”


Cedar Bench


Black Trunk


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