Athena Workman

Athena Workman lives in Tennessee.  She began her career as a published horror writer, then returned to her first love:  art.

Her work includes  mixed media, pencil-and-ink drawings,  photography, and art dolls.

She’s attracted to the lonely, the weird, and things that live on the fringes of the imagination.  She has found that gloominess and humor are not separate entities, and fit together fantastically in unexpected ways. At the same time, her work is and whimsical without being trite.

The most satisfying thing for her as an artist is to be able to convey emotion without words; with just a few simple motions and sweeps of a pencil or pen, a click of a camera, or formations of clay, a complete story or mindset can be imagined.

photo 4

“Mina & Marie”
5″ x 5″


“Beatrice the Creep”
5″ x 5″

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