Call to Artists for the 2015 Tomato Art Show!

taste-like-chickenOnce again, the time has come to pay homage to that fabulous vegetable/fruit, the TOMATO!

This year is the Tomato Art Fest’s 12th year anniversary, and we plan to astound the tomato loving world with our Tomato Art Show in East Nashville, Tennessee! To do this, we need your help…

Please help us celebrate the tomato by saying, “Yes – I want to make tomato art!”

The 12th annual Tomato Art Fest is set for August 8, 2015. Last year the festival drew nearly 40,000 people to East Nashville, and we always seem to always garner plenty of national attention along with bringing in the locals.

We hope that you will be compelled to create tomato-inspired artwork to fill the walls of our gallery and add another level of greatness to this already remarkable event.

Here is how it works:

To be selected as a tomato artist, you must submit 3 examples of your CURRENT work to Art & Invention Gallery for jurying. These pieces do NOT have to be tomatoes, just recent examples of the work that you are doing.

We accept photographs of your work, digital photos of your art through email, or a request to visit your website. We are committed to making the jurying process as easy and as accessible as possible!

If you are selected as a tomato artist:

  • Each artist can submit up to three pieces of artwork for the Tomato Art Show. At least one of these art pieces must be “tomato inspired.” Because our motto is, “the tomato…a uniter, not a divider- bringing together fruits and vegetables”, we feel it is only fair to include the other fruits and vegetables in the show… so feel free to create artwork where some other fruit or vegetable is your inspiration. For the Tomato Art Show, we are accepting ONLY tomato art, and art inspired by other fruits and vegetables.
  • Deadline to be selected is Sunday, July 5, 2015.
  • All artists chosen to exhibit at the Tomato Art Show must deliver their completed work to the gallery no later than Sunday, July 19, 2015.
  • All work must be ready to hang – no exceptions!
  • There is a $10 entry fee per person. This fee is used to create a $250 cash award for Best of Show, a $200 cash award for Best Emerging Fruit or Vegetable & several cash Merit Awards.

Below is a link to the paperwork to participate in the Art Show.

Tomato Art Show Call To Artists 2015


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